Constructed wetland for household wastewater treatment

After the treatment of the household wastewater in an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor, which will remove most of the solids and will greatly improve the quality of the effluent, the issue with the odor and with the presence of certain amount organic materials will remain and can be resolved by a small scale constructed wetland.

Both designs of constructed wetlands referenced in this article are subsurface-flow, meaning that the treated wastewater will remain underground, which will eliminate both the threat from freezing during the winter and from mosquitoes during the summer. Additionally there will be no odor from the wetland itself and the treated water will be suitable for irrigation.

The designs referenced below are created and presented by EMAS Bolivia.

Subsurface wetland with a greenhouse:

Subsurface wetland in a trench:

Also here is a thesis by Carrie Renee Taylor on the topic of “SELECTING PLANT SPECIES TO OPTIMIZE WASTEWATER TREATMENT IN CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS”, which is also mirrored here.

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