Rain Water Harvesting using sustainable technology

The slow sand filter projects documented on this website have taken place in the pacific northwest area of Washington state, USA. The first filter project (filter one) was started in early 2007. All of the projects are ongoing and will continue as long as the author is able. The water quality tests that have been done by epa certified testing laboratories are noted as such. The preliminary field tests are done onsite and are also noted as such. The researcher has a four year degree from the University of Washington (class of 2006) in environmental studies plus 35 years of experience in non-academic work. Chemicals used for drinking water treatment such as chlorine, or ozone that produce toxic cancer causing byproducts are not used in these filters. The longest running slow sand water filter project this site documents has been ongoing for seven years (it was started in the summer of 2007). It will continue as long as possible.

Source: Rain Water Harvesting using sustainable technology

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