Building an outhouse / outdoor toilet – Part 1

If you have a cabin or a small house in a remote location, you are by all means already familiar with the issue of disposing human waste from defecation and urination. If you still haven’t built your cabin, you might want to delay it a bit and first build an outdoor toilet, which will provide you with more comfort while building you cabin. This article provides information on how to build an outdoor toilet (also referred as outhouse or latrine), in conditions where there is no sewage and building a septic system is not feasible.

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  1. Carol Sommerville: looks good I need part II

    • pprepper: Haven't built it yet. I am also thinking about converting this into a thermal starage tank, so part 2 might…

  2. Jackhamm: is there a second part to this? Building an outhouse / outdoor part 1